3PL & Flexible warehousing

3PL/On Demand Flexible Storage Service

On Demand and Flexible storage solutions by godamwale are gaining traction. This new product has leveraged the additional available space with leading warehousing service providers and created an inventory which can be used by the clients as per their requirement in terms of duration and location.

Self Managed Warehousing Vs. Outsourcing to 3PL Service Provider

Warehousing has always been the backbone of any logistics strategy thereby giving leverage to forecast and plan your distribution strategy. Warehousing has always been the least priority area in terms of investment and technology adoption.

Top Things to Look for in a Warehouse for Rent by a 3PL service provider

Getting a warehouse for lease is necessary, as it can save you space and the costs that you would have to pay for having your own storage space for stuffs to be sold in the future, or would be needed for manufacturing and production processes.

Omnichannel Distribution: The need of the hour

With the upcoming trend, we are entering the new world, which should be known as a phygital “combination of both physical and digital” where there is not a physical world or digital world in retail, but rather a completely connected one.

Advantages of On-demand warehousing

On Demand Warehousing refers to an online marketplace that lets customers access shared logistics services, fulfilment and warehousing based on a pay-per-use model.

Ecommerce Fulfilment 101: A beginner’s Guide to E-commerce fulfilment

For any business, it's very important to reach their customers easily and deliver their products quickly.

How to start an Ecommerce business

The E-commerce industry is on exponential rise in India and is the biggest digital story of the decade.

E-commerce Fulfilment 101: Packaging

The e-commerce business runs on the premise that companies will provide a delightful shopping and seamless delivery experience to customers through online sales. These online sales can come from marketplaces like Amazon,Flipkart, Shopify, etc, or social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

E-commerce Fulfilment 101: Return order Management

The ecommerce business model is at exponential growth in India and everyone wants to be part of this growth story.

On Demand Warehousing: Reduce logistics Cost

The boom of E-commerce and its expectations from next day to within hours delivery had made it clear that the existing traditional methods of warehousing management must transform, many retailers are now shifting to a new flexible and scalable warehousing solution known in industry as On Demand Warehousing.

Challenges in Indian E-commerce logistics and the way future

As the E-commerce industry in India is growing it is being accompanied by various challenges that are inhibiting its growth rate.

Major e-commerce fulfilment issues and Solutions

The E-commerce market is steadily rising in India. In 2021 the market size of e-commerce is $80 billion and is expected to rise at an exponential rate.