Businesses are dynamic and warehouse space is static. Warehouse leasing is an ongoing process and there are multiple reasons why a client is searching suitable warehouse for rent. Some companies may have exhausted their current warehouse space, few may not be happy with the existing warehouse or an investor is starting a new business and looking for Godown for rent. The reason can be varying but the decision to rent a warehouse is very strategic and should be an informed one. Many businesses ignore the important aspects, take a hurried decision and end up leasing a warehouse that does not fit their business.

The decision and process of leasing a warehouse becomes easier with expert and professional warehouse leasing company like Godamwale.

Godamwale helps you to make the warehouse leasing experience sure shot hit where you save both your time and efforts with detailed due diligence and hand holding throughout the process.

Godamwale works on following tested methodology for great results. This methodology was designed based on extensive ground work/survey and talking to thousands of stakeholders and industry experts.

  • Requirement gathering :
  • GW has developed a customer requirement form which consists of all relevant questions to know before leasing the warehouse and thereby know the exact requirement of client with major pain points.

  • Warehouse Scouting:
  • Godamwale has 6000+ verified warehouse ,godown listed on its platform .

  • Warehouse Option:
  • Property matching clients specification is shortlisted and sent to client for further deliberation.

  • Site Visit:
  • Site visit is arranged with an appointment as per client's availability and ease.

  • Billing:
  • Normally billing for cold storage is on a per week basis but monthly billing is also done in most of the cases.

  • Warehouse Finalization:
  • The shortlisted property is evaluated on technical terms and parameters as put forth by the customer.

  • Rent Negotiation:
  • Once the cold storage is finalized on technical terms a rent negotiation is done and final rent and conditions are agreed.

  • Agreement:
  • An agreement is prepared and same is executed with detailed terms of reference and clauses in place.

  • Warehouse Operation:
  • Godamwale handholds the warehouse setup to start the operation. We also help client with other logistics and transport requirements to help client stabilize their operations

Godamwale provides insight on each step thereby helping you to cater to all your pain points.

The procedures are followed diligently which optimizes the time and effort and in process make the warehouse leasing 60% faster than traditional leasing process

Godamwale is a warehouse/godown/coldstorage/3PL/On Demand Warehousing discovery platform with 6000+ properties listed on its platform. All these properties are verified and checked against important technical parameter required for leasing..